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Hello guys,
Could anyone advise me in selecting the one and only SAP menu button even if its name is dynamic ? I’m using activity “SAP Select menu item” but the button has always different ending. Now there is number “1” attached.
Screen as ref.

This is the SAP environment from which I’m trying to select the “Workflow” button

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For some reason I can’t use “Click”, Click OCR, Click SAP image or Send hotkeys" activities to reach that button due to Orchestrator. Once I run the process via Orch. it fails on those. Therefore I am looking for much sophisticate and bulletproof solution :slight_smile:

HI @Martin_Kral

Please let me know which version of UIAutomation Package you are using? Which Studio version?

I am using CLICK and have no troubles. I have just put * in selector and “do not care more about any numbers”

See example:

Select Menu Item is used to steer a main SAP Menu, not a tree.

Best regards, Lev


Hello Lev,
I’m using the following :

However, your advice with a * works perfectly ! :slight_smile:
The robot is able to find the correct menu item, even if the name is changing.
Thank you.

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