Sample script for downloading through a table on website

My company’s intranet has this terrible interface where:

There is a table of links that you can download the files BUT you must wait for 5s for the files to be zipped on the server before it starts downloading, and I cannot open extra tabs in new windows to do concurrent downloads.

As such, does anyone have a sample script that can achieve the following?

  1. Identify table
  2. Scrape links from table
  3. Enter link for downloading
  4. Detect whether it has finished downloading
  5. Once downloaded, continue to next link
  6. Once end of page reached, continue to next page

Secondly, will be great if anyone can share an example of:
using image search to always click on the same icon
using an alternative way to click a dropdown menu (instead of using Tab)
Confirm whether the dropdown option is “SUBMIT”: if yes, proceed to click okay. if no, hit back

Appreciate it, Thank you very much!

Anybody knows please?