How to click download link and download file from webbrowser

Hi Community,

I am pretty new to UiPath Automation…

I am trying to click each of the link for below site.

I checked some website and most of them said to scrape the table and make the automation to click each link.
But when I export the table, the link does not show up but only text information.

Could some one help me click/or download each of these files?

Below is the File I made so far.
I tried to upload the UiPath file but could not because I am new.

Hello @Zo_Soft

Open Browser
Input: URL = “東京都の人口推計 過去の推計

Data Scraping
    Indicate the data table on the webpage.
    Output: dataTable

For Each Row (item in dataTable)

      Open Browser
       Input: URL = item("LinkColumn").ToString()
    Perform actions on the page (click links, download files, etc.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Thank you. I build it like below as your advice.

I think the Open Browser URL is not correct, so it did not open the browser.
I wrote item(“linkcolumn”).ToString.

Am i missing something or doing wrong method?

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Hi @Zo_Soft

Kindly Cross-verify it once. Extract URL is checked or not.

Prasanth Kumar Manivannan