Multiple download buttons in table

Hi. i have this webpage with a table and multiple download buttons

these buttons don’t have a hyperlink, the only thing that changes between them is an ID

i alredy tried many ways with data scraping, find children but with no luck.
anyone has an ideia of what can i do?

@alexenvel What are you trying to accomplish?

i want to click in each download button until the end of the table

There has to be a similarity for each of the download objects.

Is this a web based application?

Does the item count on each page always stay the same?

Do the Next Page arrows stay green until the last page of the table?

this is a web application. the button have the selector:

webctrl id=‘form:j_id174:listaNotas:0:bt_download’ tag=‘INPUT’

only changing the 0 to 1, 2 , 3 to each item. The arrow stay green until the last page.

Try something like the below…

Make sure to set the 0 found in webctrl id=‘form:j_id174:listaNotas:0:bt_download’ tag=‘INPUT’ to the variable count… (How to use variables in selectors in Studio (dynamic selectors) without string manipulation!)


You will need to add a condition for the last page as your last page will most likely not have table count of 10

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That worked. Thank you very much

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