Sample pdf open

Hi All

I’m Trying to open the two smaple pdfs from specific folder and im able to open one but not the second one
im getting the error as selector not found
i checked it And used wild selectors also then also im getting the same error
please find the screen shot attached

Please help me

@Vanishree_Matta Why do you have to open file with click image activity?

i used click image activity to click on tools option in pdf
n i also tried with click activity

Hi @Vanishree_Matta,

Sometimes the error pop-up showing the error, is not the actual error. If one or multiple previous activities do not work properly, then the next activity may show error.

However, please make the selector ctrl idx= ‘*’ and check once.

May I know that if you are using Open Application activity?

Thanks & Regards,

ok i’ll try
and i used Start process activity

Hi Sir,
now im unable to access the ui element

please help me