Click activity not working in pdf

Whille i’m trying to click on pdf bot was not able to click it throws selector not found error. When i m trying to highlight particular field to click it was selecting whole window instead of that field.

Hi @pravin_bindage,

you will not be able to click in a pdf, you can use the pdf activitites available, by installing the pdf activities package.


yes i have

Hi @pravin_bindage,

even if you install these packages you cannot click inside a pdf. you will need to extract data using other activities.


in last week it was working fine. Earlier also i this faced this problem that time i it fixed by downgrading package version but now its not working

Please during highlighting press button F4 and check with different options.

You might want to take a look at this documentation item. In order to identify/interact with elements within a PDF file, the PDF accessibility options need to be enabled on that file.

Hope this helps


In my case i’m using foxit reader. Is there same steps to fix or different

I have tried this one but nt works

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