Same workflow but with slightly different output when executed on 2 laptops

Scenario: The simple workflow is to read 13 digits number from an excel worksheet and check the number in a website. If the number can be located on the website, it will indicate on the same excel worksheet in a different column as valueA. If the number cannot be located on the website, it will indicate on the same excel worksheet in a different column as valueB.

This workflow is executed on 2 laptops.

Laptop 1 is using Studio Community edition 2018.1.0 and Internet Explorer 11.1944.14393.
Laptop 2 is using Studio 2017.1.6522 enterprise edition (trial) and Internet Explorer 11.576.14393.0

Previously laptop 2 is running on Studio Community edition 2018.1.0 and Internet Explorer 11.576.14393.0. However, the results also differed between the 2 laptops.

Just wondering what would have caused the inconsistency.

Steps to reproduce: -

Current Behavior: Laptop 1 produces the correct values in Excel worksheet. Laptop 2 produces a few incorrect values in Excel worksheet.

Expected Behavior: The Excel worksheet should have the same values in the 2 laptops.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: -
Last stable behavior: -
Last stable version: -

OS Version: Windows 10 for both laptops.

Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc): -

It is very easy to start the workflow and right click of laptop and make a request a another laptop. I have a slove a problem of laptop touchpad with help of hp touchpad not working

Can you please upload at least the part of the excel file with dummy data if there is a security issue if not the whole xaml…

is hard to guess whats going on, but hey nice explanation, and you can also paste the logs in pastebin so we can check and help


Are you using the Excel write range/value activities, or the workbook one? If Excel write range, do both laptops have the same version installed?

Have you tried watching it execute? There’s a good chance of weird pop-ups or similar happening within excel if you are using the excel write range activity

Hi Beesheep and Dave

Thanks for your replies.

The workflow was executed in other laptops and they worked fine. It is only that particular laptop 2 which is having some issues with the execution. I think it might be due to the laptop configuration settings.


If you are using IE, need to take note that the browser display needs to be very clean. This means you have to remove your favourites bar, command bar, show tabs on a separate row, etc. Please also make sure to have the same IE version.