Counter value of rows from one excel file for write range on different excel file


I have two different workflows that are handling values extracted from a website, sorts it a excel temp file and finally inputs it into a second excel file in workflow number 2.

Workflow 1 handles the data from the website and inputs the data into a temporary excel file where all the data is sorted according to some specific criteria. When the sorting-function in this workflow is done I have added a counter that saves the amount of rows in the temp file. This value is then saved into a output-argument and is imported to workflow number 2. The sorted data table is also passed from here into workflow number 2.

Workflow 2 is then supposed to work with this counter named in_NumberOfRows in a write-range function.I have checked and tested that the Counter value is correct when inputting it to workflow 2. The problem is this:
The first time workflow 2 is run the starting cell for the write range activity in the new excel file always needs to be C33, and the second or third time I want to add the value of the counter in order to not overwrite the previous rows. I have tried different things. For example if you create a variable with default value 33. And I thought that you should be able to use this the first time and then add the counter like for example this: 33Variable = 33Variable + NumberOfRows
And I have also tried to put it into an IF like this:

When workflow number 2 is done you go back to workflow 1 for sorting the next errand from the website. The temp-file needs to be cleaned entirely between each errand, that is why I can’t paste all of the info at once.

It’s like the Counter always begins at 33 every time I enter workflow number 2 even though I try to add the number of rows-counter and I don’t know why.

Thank you in advance!

Another thing is that these workflows are run in ReFramework and both workflow number 1 and 2 is inside a loop that is inside of the process loop.

The value from the previous count is not saved when running for the second time.