Different Output from Run File and Debug Modes

Hello everyone,

I created a workflow which reads data from excel, enters these data to an application, then reads 4 new data from image and writes to on another excel sheet.

When I test the workflow on Debug mode, system works fine. But when I run file 1 of 4 new data is written the cell below. It goes likes this till the end of excel sheet.

2nd and 3rd rows work fine on debug mode, but when I run file the result is as 4th and 5th rows. Normally K4 cell must be 1.362.500.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you

Indeed, that’s strange.
How does the robot fill in the “Puan_Yeni” column ? From an image ?

I use Scrape Relative activity in order to get 4 values. 3 of 4 values are written properly. But only 1 of them is written wrong.

When you use run, does the robot arrive in the right page and wait for the page to finish loading? Maybe the robot is too quick.
These 4 values are in the same page ?
If you put WaitForReady into Complete, would that help ?

I used “delay” activity. because there are always data on screen. delay activity helped.

thank you very much

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