Same selector for different text boxes


I have a application window, with labels and text boxes.
I want to fill data in text boxes using Type Into activity.
I have capture the text boxes of different labels to do the activity, I am getting same selector for every text box.
Due to that it was not recognizing which text box has to fill.
I also tried of clicking label and then doing type into that text box.
Also tried relative click, but still not working.
can anyone suggest me how to resolve this.

Hello @bhavana,

Try using UiExplorer to modify the selector for each and make it unique!
Try adding tags like class,parentclass,parentid etc if they’re different for each.

Thank you so much Rishabh for you are quick response.

I have tried with UiExplorer to modify selector by adding tags but I am getting same attributes and Id for the text boxes.
I have attached the window where I am facing the issue.
Please any one suggest any other option.


Did you check the selector editor also?

Try adding some unique rows from there!

Yes, I have checked even all the properties. Still I am getting same selector.

Use Anchor Base activity!
Read this:

Try using anchor base activity,
in the anchor put find element activity and indicate the label and in the base put the corresponding type into , see if that works!

I have tried the anchor base activity, I am facing the exception like below. Can any one tell me how to resolve that.


Try using Type Into instead of Set text. Tell if that works…Like this:

I have used find for finding particular label then I used Type Into activity.

For that I am getting the exception

Message: Value does not fall within the expected range.

In the picture field seems to be a drop down list