Failing to customize the selectors even though it has idx value


bot is writing in wrong text box.

One trick is to use Anchors, follow these steps below and see if that helps:

  • Anchors are used as reference points for selectors, this is exemplified in in Automation Challenge website listed above.
  • To use an anchor, follow the steps on UiPath Studio.
    • Select the “Anchor Base” activity
    • Under the “Anchor” side of the activity, drag and drop the activity “Find Element”
    • Then, select the element associated with your target element. In this example I selected the “Last Name” label
    • Next, drag your desired action into the remaining side of the “Anchor Base” activity, for this example we will use “Type Into”
    • From here select the desired element you wish to perform the activity onto. Your “Anchor Base” activity should look something like this.
  • What this does is first tells UiPath to find the label and then use that selector association in order to perform the desired activity, uses for this include.
    • When the selectors/location of UiElements are subject to change.
    • When UiPath is having trouble locating a specific UiElement.
    • If you want to be extra sure.
    • Applicable for Citrix environments or unrecognizable UiElements.

You can also try to use a selector without an “idx”, but obviously that doesn’t work with every application. Try to use the UiExplorer to tweak the selector.


Please open the UI Explorer in order to find out the Static selector for particular UI Element.
(aaname,Innertext) if you found any one of the selector for respective Uielement then select either of one and use the highlight button to identity the position of Uielement.
( IDx value is getting changed dynamically)
Please reply back to me it you need any additional information on this.


i used Anchor based activity…it entered the data in right text box for the first run but still it is entering data in wrong text box from the next run


i couldn’t achieve using uipath explorer as well.

Try to explore the Visual tree on the left in UIExplorer and find a unique element that corresponds to that particular textbox. There will surely be some unique element related to this textbox. Spend some time trying to get to the root cause, some html knowledge will help.

Under Anchor properties you can also specify which direction the target selector is in, maybe try to use that to see if it will work.

Hi @KavithaManohar,

Please send me the link of the application as i will work on this and update the Xaml file of this.


hello @KavithaManohar
reason for failing the bot in the second run when anchor base acitvity is the idx value of the element increases either by even number or odd every time you click it so the first run the idx was idx=‘1’ second run it will change by odd or even number, this might be one of the reason in your case because even i had faced the same issue.

I would suggest you to take the selector using the uiexplorer and try to remove the idx try including the class and the parent id you can find it

this is before altering the selector

After the modification it is like
Try to remove the idx and to include class parent id

I didn’t find parent id, class, tag, inner text…in uiexlporer.

aplication path looks like C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Service Delivery Tools\MicroSTART 2011.lnk

this is an internal application…i won’t think so u will get an access…C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Service Delivery Tools\MicroSTART 2011.lnk

but the application end with extension .Ink

click on the second last line in the Selector editor and attach the screenshot of the same

thats fine but it might take some time to optimize the selector and some screenshots from your end.