Same data appear in every pdf file

I try to create from excel(data) to word(receipt format) and generate to pdf. but why after run, data appear in pdf are repeating the data from the row 1 and not consecutive follow the row. All the generated pdf file all have the same information that is from the row 1.


Can you provide a screenshot or your flow to see how it is configured?

That will help us to understand what’s the issue.


i cant share the picture because im new user, it not allow me to upload picture. is there others way to share this?

I believe, you can send it via private message to me.

u mean private message in this forum? or email? can u provide so that i send u an email.

On the forum.

Click on my profile, you have the option for Send message.

cand you write the activities you used?
-for each row
-word file → use as file the current index from the for each
-append text
-save as pdf

this way will create several doc files, named as the current index of the for each row, and each one will contain the current row

make sure for the for each row activity to change from the property tab the behavior for when it encounters empty row : stop/process for example