StudioX automation compatibility with Adobe Pro - is this automation plausible?

Hi all - I am currently trying to automate a process that involves a lot of PDFs (Adobe Pro). I have played around a little with it, and had some trouble.

Essentially, the process involves the bot going onto a site, downloading a large amount of PDFs, and then searching the PDFs for a certain “buzz word” , and then if the buzz word exists, the bot will document it on an excel template (with a table of each PDF’s name) as a “yes” next to the PDF name in the corresponding table, and if it doesn’t, it will document it as a no. What is the best way to go about this if Adobe isn’t 100% compatible with studioX?

A work around that I thought of was converting the PDF to a word document - will the bot be able to do this?

The work flow i was thinking (feedback is much appreciated) is this:

Bot opens chrome and goes to portal < bot opens excel > ‘for each excel row’ command, go through each PDF name and search it on chrome portal site > ‘wait for download’ the PDF > convert PDF to word (if necessary - if this isn’t needed, please let me know) > search for the ‘buzz word’ on the pdf > document it on the template excel > move to next row until complete

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Hey @Jnguye15

I feel you can first directly try using the PDF activities.


@Jnguye15 Im curious if you found a solution for this. Im currently trying to extract data from PDF files and not sure StudioX has this capability to do it