How to read row? Creating multiple folder and inside the folder I need to create a file one with pdf and the other is with docx

I have a list for ID’s in Excel and I need to create a folder for each ID’s and inside of those ID’s I need to create a file one with PDF and the other with DOCX. I was successful enough to create the folder. But I do not know how to create the file. Please help!

Thank you!

Hi @jon_arceo
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If the files you are trying to create are just dummies, you can use some templates, and just copy them to the folders created, with the copy file activity.


Thanks for your time. The dummy file doesn’t exist yet. I need to create the file within the folder. one folder would have the pdf file and the other folder would have the docx file. Let say I have 6 folders.

Folder 1 = pdf
Folder 2 = docx
Folder 3 = pdf
Folder 4 = docx


If you are using Word and it is installed in the bot machine you can use something like this:

For the word condition, in an Word Application Scope activity, just feed it with the path where you want the file to be created, and check the option “Create if not exits”.
For the PDF file, jus create it as before and add a “Save document as PDF” and provide the path where you want your file to be created. Then just delete the word file.
Disadvantages of this: process will open and close word for every single row.

If you are not using Word, the only solution I see is using templates, you need to create a folder with the templates, PDF and Word, then just copy them into the folders you just created.

Attached the WF with both approaches, the one using word is commented.

WFB.xaml (14.1 KB)

Thank you so much!