Salesfore List View

I am trying to get all records belngs to this case list. I used the following activity but it’s giving me an error beciase the number of records are exceeding 2000.


I need help with SOQL query to extract all data belongs to specific case list.

Any help would be appericated.

Select * from Case where =

where is the part I am not sure about. The listview have no link with case

go to workbench, login with your organisation credentials…you will get access to all the objects and fields . Here the object is “Case” and field for case type can be found once you select the object

I can found those field but having issue finding a link between list view ID/developer name to Case

Instead of directly going with last view …check how this is filtered . I guess it is based on case origin
so you can specify soql query as select * from case where case origin=

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