Get Case List - Return all fields for a selected case

Hi. I am building a query and want to extract all fields from the CASES object for a selected Case so that I can review all fields and pick the fields I want. I tried using FIELDS(ALL) which is a valid SOQL function but this wasn’t allowed via the “Run Select Command” on the Command tab.

Is there another way to get and export all fields in the CASES object for a selected Case?

Hi. I’m building the SOQL command via the Get Case activity and when I get the data the Owner Id is returning the ID (e.g. ‘00G2e000000PDEREA0’) and not the display name. Is there a way in which I can join the required tables so that it returns the Display Name instead of the ID?

Also, is it possible to join the data sources together so that I can use the Display Name in the WHERE clause?