Salesforce connector Update Custom object not working

Hi all,

I am using Salesforce Connector Update Custom Object in both lightining package as well as in extension package. I am getting invalid connection (Boolean is false) where as Salesforce application Scope shows valid connection. I am attempting to write values on a parameter using this. Can anyone help please.

Hello Shravie,
From what I remember that activities work without issues. But let’s say that you have a particular case so please try also this with the rest API commands:


Thanks, Christian.

Hi Christian. I am currently working on a big automation and I am actually seeing the same issue as referenced in this post with the Update Custom Object activity:


Oddly, it seems cutoff and I cannot access the parameter button. The other custom activities (add and delete) are working fine.

According to the User Guide, it seems like this activity requires the user to get into the Parameters section:

Hello Nico,
Take a look at my picture

I have UiPath Studio 2021.4.3 and I Use Salesforce Extension Package last version
I don’t modify the package for more than 1 year and a half and I will never modify them again.
Please tell me your version of UiPath Studio and component.
That stuff is just designed incompatibility the function is working you can put the values on properties example ObjectName.


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Thanks Christian. I am using Studio 2019.10.4 and the package version is The issue is likely our studio, which unfortunately cannot be changed right now. When you say we can put the values in the ObjectName property, I am not sure what format to write this in. Would this be kind of like a SQL format (or SOQL)?

Hello Nico,
Understand the situation let me give you some ideas:

  1. Try to change zoom from UiPath to 200% or 400% maybe is different and you can see stuff.
  2. Let’s say the first option is not working and you have to work with table QUOTA and you need to configure parameters
    Steps like this
    a) you put on the ObjectName Properties value “quota” and save the workflow
    b) you click on half that you see of Combobox (“List of objects”) from the design
    c) then you click TAB key
    d) then you click DOWN KEY
    e) then ENTER KEY
    f) and in this way, you will be able to access configure parameters page
    I test the second stuff on OLD system and is working with KEY combination.
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Thank you, Christian. I will try this today along with setting the package version to a previous version.

Christian, I believe that package version .805 is compatible with the version of studio. I will give a final update when I get everything to work. Thanks for all of your guidance on this and your time.