None of the overload groups have all their required/optional activity arguments configured: Salesforce

Please find attached the image of the issue I am facing currently. I am trying to extract data from Salesforce using API. But then the following issue is being faced.

What does it show on the properties pane of the Salesforce Scope? It looks like you need to Configure the Scope properly.

Thanks for the response. I have configured the Salesforce scope and UiPath has displayed “Test Connection Successful”. But even after the connection being successful, the issue persists. Could you please assist?

Looks like you need to fill in the details in the properties as well.

According to UiPath docs:

Hi Viplav Rao,

I’m Hai, may you try to fill in all of the configure information into Properties panel of Salesforce application scope. Please mark as solution if it works, good luck!