Salesforce Custom Connection Service doesn't work after v1.2.1


I noticed that SalesforceCustomConnectionService doesn’t seem to work in versions above 1.2.1

What I do
I build a new object
new SalesforceCustomConnectionService("https://{salesforce}", headers)
where headers is a dictionary(of string, object) with one item “Authorization”:“Bearer {Token}”

then, I pass that CustomConnection object to the SalesforceApplicationScope activity (existing salesforce connection) and try to execute some activity (say run report)

The above works with v1.2.1 but doesn’t when I try to upgrade to newer versions - I get an “Object is not set to an instance of an object”

Could you please investigate?

We are currently looking into this issue. We will update once we have a resolution.

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Hi, This issue has been fixed in 1.7.0 version of the activity pack released this week.


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Hi @Bhushan.Khadpe,

The bug was indeed fixed.
Thanks a lot!