Safe encrypted email as decrypted file

Hello Forum members,

I need to implement as one of the requests a filter to recognize encrypted emails and safe them without encryption on a drive.

It is working pretty well except the encryption part. A user with the required certificate is able to read the saved mail. But as soon as a user without any certificate tries to read the mail, he gets only encrypted content. So it is not only important for the robot to get the content decrypted, but also to save it decrypted on a drive. So, every user, with or without the certificate should be able to read the saved mail.

The only workaround that I could identify was to forward the mail as decrypted message and pick again from inbox but that is a really bad solution as it generates a lot of additional traffic and handling of all copies of the original mail so I am seraching for some smart one, please help me on that.


Did you tried something like this? I don’t know if this is what you want, but I think worth to take a look inside. Decrypt the email from an account which have rights to read encrypted emails and then save it without encryption.

I have found this options but I cannot reach them with the robot by the UI of Outlook, so I was trying to find something inside the header information from the mail object but wasn’t successful until now.

I could solve the issue on a different way: You create a new empty mail message and provide all of the data you want to keep to the new object, then you can handle it in any possible way but e.g. without encryption.
I have created a smal invoke code activity and exported as new library on my system so that all other projects can benefit of that work.

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