Outlook send encrypted email


I hope I can have your help on the issue I’m facing related with encrypted messages in Outlook.

So, I need to:

  1. send an outlook email but it has to be encrypted
  2. copy this sent email from one folder to another

I’m able to work with UiPath activities Send Oulook Mail Message and Move Outlook Mail message if it’s not an encrypted email. But in case it’s encrypted, I’m not able nor to send the email neither to move it to another folder.

I’m using already the latest UiPath.Mail.Activities release (v1.3.0).

Anyone faced the same issue already?
Any solution?

Thank you!


Unfortunately, with Send Outlook Mail Message and Send IMAP Mail Message activity, there is no option available for encryption.

Can you try with Send SMTP message activity as it has option for encryption under Secure connection property field.

Hello @singhonkar,

Thanks for your reply but S/MIME encryption is also not possible with SMTP message activity.
Hope UiPath can include the encryption (S/MIME) in the mail activities shortly.

Best regards,
Cidália Correia