Runtime execution error with formula

Hello there,
I want to insert a specific formula into an excel cell but I always get the same error:


If I try it with an easier formula everything works. If I copy the formula into an excel sheet it also works perfectly. So, what’s the problem?

That’s my code:

Hello @Loons,

What is the formula you want to write to the cell ? Could you please post that here ?


=SUMIFS(D6:AH6; D3:AH3; “=7”)

that’s an example…
later on I would like to use a counter instead of the rows for the sum
E.g: “D” + counter.toString + “:AH” + counter.tostring

I think the formula is =SUMIFS(D6:AH6,D3:AH3,"7"). Hence in UiPath I recommend you place the formula in a text file =SUMIFS(D<C2>:AH<C2>,D<C1>:AH<C1>,"7"), then read the file & do a .Replace("<C2>", YourCounter).Replace("<C1>", YourCounterVariable), then use the resulting string to write to cell.

Hope that helps ! Kudos :slight_smile:



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