Fill cells into Excel did not execute formula

Hello friends,

when I’m executing a uipath script i’m filling an excel file with 2 amount (strings):str1=“-65233,34”; str2 = “-65343,5”


and there is a column which is the sum of the two values.

but this sum shows #values

any suggestions ?

Hi @abdel ,

I think you are filling with string values. Covert the string to integer

it does not work:

error: string format incorrect

Is it “,” between numbers? -65233,34

To conver to integer your have to use like


yes it’s “,”

I’m not sure how you sum this

What is the sum you are expecting.

Sample please

sorry it s the difference

how to fill integer into excel ?

When you are writing into excel cover the value to inetger

val = “-65233,34”

IntVal = CInt(val)