Error in Excel Date Formula

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While Creating Data Array for creating worksheet, one column need to use date Formula(“=Date(Year,Month,Day)”). But while doing automation the output excel sheet showing same equation format, when I double-click the cell then the value is changing to date format.

Example: Column A contains Month, Column B contains Day and Column C contains Year. I need Date in Column D. Output excel sheet showing “=Date(C2,A2,B2)”. WHen i double click the cell and press enter then it will changes to “08/15/2019”.

We entered the code as follows:

Can anyone help regarding this issue.

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This in my example is working fine, maybe you are building the formula in the wrong way:

Hello Sir,

Thanks for your reply. I will try your method.

Hi @Senthil_anand

Try using the below thread :-

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Hello Sir,

I tried your method. But result not come.

Hi, can you share some part of your process and excel so we can test?