Runtime execution error unexpected error exit code 0xE0434352

Hi All,

I am getting an error like ‘Runtime execution error’ and I am not getting any errors in codes and the execution will stop, please help me on this scenario.

Thank you

This usually means the service running the robot has had crashed.

There are some different things that can cause this, in my experience for example minimizing a VM a bot is running in can cause this hard crash.

It can never be caught it a try catch etc as its on a higher level and the actual robot service that is crashing, not the specific code you wrote (although maybe that causes it to crash).

Thanks for the quick response jon smith, in vm there was no minimise it’s running while uploading images to folder it’s getting an error, here they have used phyton script for uploading images to application.

Is there any other suggestions please

Check the system logs. See if it gives you a clue on the reason the service crashed.

Hello @Gopala_Krishnan_A

Is this issue happening always? Also is happening always at some particular activity in the automation?