Job stopped with an unexpected exit code

Exit code: 0xE0434352 .
I have error like in topic. I have put logs before/after activities which pointed where is the problem.

I have assign activity which crashing robot with that error. Any ideas for fix? It was working for a while with no problem before.

DataTable =

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Hi @Add_Bddd

please find the below thread

hope this helps

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Thank you @nikhil.girish, however i already had read that topic before. The problem is with above Linq/database activity, where people from another threads rather had errors with excel. Copied data table is quite heavy and that error as google it, is some sort related to amount of data. Honestly i do not think that working with “10 columns and 40k rows” excel supposed to crash automation/uipath

can u share me the linq requirement ? @Add_Bddd

Hello @Add_Bddd

As you mentioned the process was working from a long time and it stopped recent. It means there are some changes happened recently to the script or to configuration.

  1. is there any new package deployed recently
  2. Any update happened to any packages??
  3. from where you are getting these DT?? If it’s from a file are those files corrupted or available in the folder??

Plz check these things for debugging.