What triggers Exit Codes?


Over the past month, we have had 6/7 processes fault on Orchestrator for Exit Code errors. These seem to blow straight through any TryCatches or error handling, and the same is said in any forum posts I’ve read about exit codes. For the processes in question, all the packages were up to date, running the same version of studio.

I have noticed that code 0xE0434352 seems to be thrown when any automation is being performed on large excel files, but I have had other codes (i.e., 0xC0000005) occur at seemingly random points in a process.

At a general level, is there a confirmed reason for why any Exit Code may be thrown? Is there anything that can be done to handle these exit codes?

Hi @william.coulson

I believe these errors are due to machine you are using to execute the bots. Check if Windows is up to date and update services are running.

Also check if any of the Win file systems are corrupted. To check use System File Checker (SFC) from command prompt - open command prompt as admin and run sfc /scannow

hope this helps

These are, in my experience, due to full crashes of the robot executor, for example lets say the windows session is logged off. I find they easily occur if you remote into a machine thats running an unattended process as taking over the screen bugs out things and makes it crash.

Check the window event logs around the times the bot crashes to see. You indeed won’t get any error logs or hit any try catches cause program hard exited.