Strange Runtime execution error

I am working on an unattended robot that is working as it should. It does everything as it should except for one error that is a mystery to me. After the complete execution of the robot comes the following error message. It does not affect the robot in any way. Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix the error. Do you have any suggestions?


If possible could you pls share the exception details in English so that it would be very easy to trouble shoot. thanks.


these are the details:
RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: The result of the job execution could not be retrieved. Possibly a message was too large to process.

Hi @mace.m - Can you refer to the below question?

Refer the responses from @caydel

It seems like you are trying to write something to your output that takes up a lot of memory.


Just wanted to understand what is the last steps in your process before getting finished. thanks.

the only big thing I write is a log but that is written successfully.

In the last steps I am moving an email in outlook and get the number of emails in a certain folder. If that number is 0 the robot appends something to a log file and the job is done. Do you want me to look for anything specific?


just wanted to understand what is the information we are storing in logs. if it is very huge data we are storing in logs we may experience this error. thanks.

Okay. I deactivated all Activities that write something to the Log or on the Console. The error still remains. Do you have any other ideas?


Now which place you are receiving this error. Thanks.

What do you mean by which place?
The error occurs as soon as the robot is finished with the execution. I am debugging the robot. The error itself is not bound to an activity. That makes it so difficult for me to understand why the error occurs.

It is very strange that this is error is not producing by any activity. The error message is clearly stating that it was s due to some large message. Are we using RE frame work. In that case could you share the screenshot of end process and last activity you are using. I think it is not happening that activity while finishing the process we are getting. With the screenshot we could get better understanding and also our forum members could help you better. Thanks.

I also find it very unusual. What is an RE frame work? The last activity is an append line activity. However, this is executed without any problems. I hope the screenshots help.



I understood from your screenshot is your pasting log info in a text file. I don’t see any issues. Not sure why we are getting this issue. Uipath team should look into this issue.

RE framework is the inbuilt feature of uipath and it is having readymade features to make robust automation and better exception handling mechanism. Please refer the below link for some starter help. You could review RE frame work topic in the academy for better learning experience.

So I have solved the problem myself. It was because I saved Outlook mail items as arguments. When I used them as variables the error did not occur. Thank you all :slight_smile:

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