Running UIPath on Remote Server

Hey All,

I just have a question in regards to running flows using Windows Task Scheduler. I have setup a job to trigger a process and have set it up so that it will run whether the user is logged in or not. When I log into the machine and start the job, the UIPath Robot process is kicked off and the job starts and is waiting for emails.

My question is, if I set the job as scheduled to run at 4:00AM and the server does a reboot, is there a way for the job to still trigger? I am unable to get the job to run after the server reboots.


Hi Ahiller,

Why don’t you try to schedule it using Orchestrator? You can use the Community Edition available at and you can provision up to two robots into that one.
Create a new tenant and then connect your robot to it.
Also, please check the license agreement for the Community Edition.


Hey Silviu, Thanks for the reply. Our company has not purchased Orchestrator yet. is this the only way to get around the system reboot?