Running two processes (two users) on same machine

I have multiple users running different processes and I would like to put some of them on the same machine.
I have set it up in Orchestrator and if I run the jobs one at the time (waiting for job 1 to finish then starting job 2) it works.
The problem occurs when I run job 1 and while job 1 is still running I run job 2. Then I would expect job 2 to be ending but instead it just fails immediatly.
This is not very sustainable as I would like to schedule the jobs and not run them by hand.

Do you know if it is possible to start job 2 while job 1 is running so that it gets status Pending when the two jobs are set up with different users?

I am using Orchestrator version 2016.2.6302.



If you look in the UiPath.settings file on the machine you will find a parameter called “Logontoconsole”.
This file is I believe located at “C:\ProgramData\UiPath” (ProgramData will be hidden)

When the Logontoconsole is true, Orchestrator uses the console which only allows 1 connection at one time. So you want to change that to false

After changing the UiPath.settings file, you need to restart the UiRobotSvc from Services for it to take effect.

If this doesn’t help, then provide what the error says, and maybe someone can help.


Hi @Langdeel,

Could you copy and paste the error that your second process fails with?



Thanks for your answers. Actually I don’t event get an error message - it just fails right when I start it… Nothing is logged in Kibana.

Regarding the UiPath.settings file, should that be on the machine on which Orchestrator is installed?