How to run succesfully with different users on the same machine with orchestrator?

Hi All,

I´ve some questions related with how to run with different users on a same machine with Orchestrator.

We´ve installed Orchestrator on a Windows Server 2016 Machine and our UiPath Studio/Robot is connected into a Windows 10 Machine (Remote Desktop) that will use different users but only one session connected at a time.

We´ve provision successfully three different users of the Windows 10 Machine in the Orchestrator. But the main problem becames when we want to run a process from the orchestrator.

As you can see in this screenshot, these three users are on the same machine and all of them are available to run the process:

If we try to run the same process on the three users at the same time, the orchestrator allows it, but two of the jobs failed because the session is used by the user that has log into the server and this job is done succesfully.

If we try to, first run a Job only with one user and after that, the orchestrator will show that this user is busy and the rest are available:

After that, if we try to run the job from one these two users that are available, this job will fail because the first user is using the session of the machine, and the second one will not be available to do it. (See screenshot of User2 Job failing)


How we can set up the configuration of the orchestrator or UiRobot to show that if one user is running a process, the rest of the users of the same machine should be seen as busy too?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Brett22!
I’m having the same issue! have you manage to solve it??

No, it´s impossible to solve it in a Windows 10 Environment with multiple users, you need to have very defined the execution time of every different user to try not to overlap every running

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