Same job one pending one ran successfully


I have the same job and I am using different user logins on the same machine. One is remains in a pending mode while the other ran… Did anyone see this situation before?

Nabbi is not a admin on this machine.

Thanks in advance!!

Once machine login as one user until that user logout machine state will be busy, hence the other process will be in pending status since it will be waiting for the heartbeat/available state response from the machine

As @ClaytonM says in other post try out the below one.

If you look in the UiPath.settings file on the machine you will find a parameter called “Logontoconsole”.
This file is I believe located at “C:\ProgramData\UiPath” (ProgramData will be hidden)

When the Logontoconsole is true, Orchestrator uses the console which only allows 1 connection at one time. So you want to change that to false

After changing the UiPath.settings file, you need to restart the UiRobotSvc from Services for it to take effect.

I realized recently that this can be caused by another issue:
Check the Orchestrator settings at top right, under the “License” section. Go to the Runtimes and make sure there are available runtimes. If it says they are used up, then make sure noone is running a job on that machine, and you might need to restart UiRobotSvc or machine to fix a bug where a runtime is still being used up even though there are no jobs running, which could be a bug.

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