How to execute a file generated by Studio in UiPath Robot without using Orchestrator

Hi, all,

I want to to execute a file generated by Studio in UiPath Robot without using Orchestrator,
and I have three questions.

A) Can not be executed in xaml format, does it need to create a package in nupkg format?
I’d like to put xaml in an arbitrary place, and execute it if possible.
B) In that case, will the copy destination of the nupkg file be fixed to “% ProgramData%” ?
It is rather inconvenient to save it on a network drive.
C) If the placement of the file is fixed to the C drive, it was acquired using “Environment.CurrentDirectory”
The path is also changed on the C drive. Is there any good way to replace them all at once?

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There’re three steps to follow to execute a robot without Orchestrator.

1º - Publish your artifact

2º - Go to your Uipath Robot icon on tray and go to the tab “Available” then click on ‘Download’


3º - Run it :smiley:


Now, your questions answers:

a) Yes, you’ll need to publish as nupkg format
b) Yes, it will be fixed
c) There’s no way (that I know) to change the folder of the packages

Hope It Helps!


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Thank you for reply!
I am trying that solution, but it will result in an error.

Click Run for the Main robot displayed in Ui Robot on the task bar.
At that time, the following error is displayed and processing fails.
“Permission missing: Launcher”

Could you teach me the above solution?
Also, please tell me whether Admin privilege is required for the account that runs UiRobot or to what extent if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

some hints how to run robot from command line are here

and here

I use following cmd script to run the robot

rem The ProjectDir must be updated after every change of the process package
set ProjectDir=P001_Reconciliation.1.0.6473.15938

set ProcessPath=%ProgramData%\UiPath\Projects%ProjectDir%\lib\net45
cd %ProcessPath%
“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\UiRobot.exe” -f “%ProcessPath%\Main.xaml” --monitor --rdp


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Thank you for your reply, I’ll try!