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My name is Matt. I am at a start of my UiPath journey!
One of my tasks is to:

Open Software > Navigate to report page > Open Excel Report > Save in Folder > ReName With time Stamp.

I was wondering what would be the best template for this? REFramework? or a Workflow? I need to add in some error handling when logging in to the software and a check if the report has data init.

Any ideas?

Many thnaks

Matt G.

Hello @matt.guzek ,
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For your use case, you can use a workflow. REFramework is normally used in transaction based automations, and your usecase doesn’t seem to be transaction based.
You can use Try Catch block for exception handling. For example, while logging in to software you can make sure it’s properly logged in and if not- throw an exception.
To check the report has data in it- After downloading the report, read and store it in datatable using Read Range activity. After that check if DataTable.Rows.Count=0. If yes, throw the exception.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @athira.somasekharan ,
Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

Yes it did help!

Can I ask, would using a normal sequence be better for this? Or is workflow best use case?

Many Thanks
Matt G.


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You can use Flow Chart design for your process.

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Normal sequence will also work in this case as its pretty straight forward.


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Hello @matt.guzek ,

You can use either Sequence or Flowchart. Both will work fine here. Also if there are chances for exceptions you have to handle it properly and redirect the flow.(you can use a combination of sequence and flowchart)