Discussion on UiPath desired templates

I am relatively new to UiPath and I have taken a couple of the courses on the academy, but I was curious on how I should proceed with future projects.

Should I always try to use the REFramework? What about the Agent Process Improvement template? Or just a simple Workflow? In what situations should each template be used and to what degree?

A process that I most recently made was a robot that scraped data from an application and input the data into an online calculator and generated a report. In yall’s experience what template would you use to solve this problem?

Any experiences, stories, or examples is appreciated, id love to discuss this with anybody.



Welcome to the UIpath Community.

The most important aspect of flowcharts is that, unlike sequences, they present multiple branching logical operators, that enable you to create complex business processes and connect activities in multiple ways.

It’s all depends on type of input data you are processing.

So what kind of input data would justify using REFramework or not using it? I think I have a rough idea but I just want to know what you think


If you are going to process same set of data repeated times then you can go for REFramework Template.

For example, your input is DataTable or Array of String data then in that case this template will be very useful to us. And also at the same time it will provide proper exception handling whole the process.


Awesome, that makes sense. Thank you very much for the information.

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