Running remote process using attended robot

I have a attended robot, which will take some parameters as input from user and we also have another process for different application which runs in different server and cant run locally, how can i execute the remote process with inputs collected from user… is there a way to call remote process from robot tray and it can run remotely, Please help… Thanks

Hello @koteswaran_c , Welcome to UiPath community!

About your case, the process that would be running remotely should have the input given by the user. So some how we need to pass that input to the BOT. The following might help you.

  1. Ask user for input.
  2. After having the inputs, store them in a place from where the BOT can access those. (ex: Google Spreadsheet)
  3. After that you can use ‘Start Job’ activity to start the attended bot remotely.(The process of remote pc should have to be published in the orchestrator.)