What are the input methods to run a process in RDP

If you want to run you robots in remote machine which method of input you will select and why?


It is better to run the bot from robot tray for that we need to publish our project or else by using command line to run the bot.

Hi @Sana_Afreen
Go to ProgrAm Files And UiPAth And go to UiPAth robot.exe try to execute it

Ashwin S

should I use simulate Type or send windowMessages?

Hi @Sana_Afreen,

1.Its better to run the bot from robot tray after publishing.

2.Send window messages is better to use as simulate click may not work properly some times…


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There are n number of ways
—we can either install robot in that remote machine and connect that machine in your orchestrator so that we can run the process from being in your machine and if we want to pass any input we can either use assets or arguments option in the orchestrator so that we can pass the input to the process that is going to be executed in the remote machine
For more details on that arguments option


—we can install robot in your machine itself, connecting that to Orchestrator but include a process or set of activities to login to that remote machine with REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION option along the current process
So that it will login to that rdp machine from being in your machine

And Finally for this

Yes of course we need to enable them in click activity or type into activity to enable the bot to find the elements eleven when the machine is run in any rdp session or in background
And we need to enable send window message property only when we are using some hot keys along with the string in type into activity like this
So that it won’t type the hot key along the string else if simulate type is enabled here it will type the hot key also as a string
And fire remaining activities we can enable simulate click which is Faster and reliable

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Sana_Afreen


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