Process trigger from unattended bot to attended bot

HI Team,
Is it possible to trigger a process from unattended bot to attended bot? i have to call a attended bot process from unattended bot.kindly give me the suggestion.


Hi @GayathriMohan

Are attended and unattended robot installed in a same computer?

Hi @aisaling.bai,
No, couldn’t install the same machine.

I’m not aware of anything with UiPath, but you could look at Microsoft / Windows technologies with executing remote commands such as PowerShell and Windows Remote Management.

Then initiate the desired process using UiRobot.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio>UiRobot.exe -process Demo_Email

So, external integration needed for this trigger?
Any other solution apart from the external configuration

Not that I am aware of. In your unattended process, have it run the remote command, you would just need the necessary permissions and services running to do so.