Excel Application Scope 'Visible' property makes all other excel workbooks invisible

When using the Excel Application Scope, if I have the Visible property turned off (meaning I want the Excel processing to be done in the background), it makes all other workbooks that I have open move to the background in addition to the one that bot is working on. Then after the automation is finished, all of the others are still hidden.

This is not ideal for attended automations. Is there a workaround or am I not doing something correctly?

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Hey @Caleb_D

Could you please let us know the version of the activities & is it modern or classic activities.


Hi @Caleb_D,

It is not the case the excel path which we have provided in the excel application scope should go to back ground. It would not effect other Excel files in your machine.

Could you share screen shots of your work flow. Thanks.


To do a simple workaround
Use Workbook activity instead of excel activity so that it won’t require excel application to be used
And this will not impact your currently opened excel files as well

Cheers @Caleb_D


It’s probably because these workbooks work on same excel process. Unfortunately, ExcelApplicationScope doesn’t have settings of process in detail.
However, as ModernExcel - ExcelProcessScope activity has settings of process mode, it’ll solve this matter.
For example, the following workflow handles test1.xlsx with window visible and test2.xlsx with window invisible. (Inner ExcelProceeScope settings is ProcessMode : “Always create new”, and ShowExcelWindow: “False”.)

Sample20220205-1.zip (11.1 KB)


Interesting, I’ve never seen this activity as I’ve never used StudioX activities. They seem to have their own limitations that I’d prefer to avoid. It would be nice if the regular Studio activities would allow us to specify which workbooks we want hidden and which we don’t


In the latest 2021.10, these activities are called Modern Excel ( in Studio). I think Modern Excel will be mainstream and there is no problem to use it.


We currently use 2020.10.9 but are planning on upgrading soon. Excited to see this new functionality then!

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