Running a batch file of xaml is not working through Jenkins

Hi experts,

when i am trying to execute a batch file of xaml through Jenkins, the error is showing like that

“To execute processes, please activate a license.”

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Baisil Geevarghese.

I guess it requires enterprise license to run from Jenkins.
Can you check into licensing topic to clarify on this.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @KarthikByggari,
Thank you for your reply.:slightly_smiling_face:
Have you ever tried the Jenkins with uipath before?

Sorry @baisilgee baisilgee. I haven’t used.
I used Jenkins to launch other applications but not UIPath.
Currently I do not have access to Jenkins to try and test with UIPath.

Can you check if any add-ins available to support your requirement.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @KarthikByggari,
Other application is fine, have you launched other applications without any plugins?

Any update about this topic ?

I have the same issue on my side.
The batch launch properly my robot on standalone execution, but it fails once executed from Jenkins due to this license issue :confused:


Hi @qdeliere,
it might be the problem with accessing your system due to antivirus.
Let me know if any progress has happens.

hi @qdeliere,

I think I can conclude with my experience that is please do not use the Jenkins for running process for uipath robot. Use the Orchestrator, if you use jenkins also you might not able to run process, because all process may happens in the back-end.

if you create bat file for opening one notepad application, it will open but you are not able to see the GUI but you can see notepad under the task manager as notepad is running.

So i think you got the meaning that what i am trying to speak.

Baisil Gee

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