UiPath Processes as a Batch Execution


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Can we run the UI Path Business Processes as a Batch Files? Example: I want to run the Business Processes in CI Tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Team City, Microsoft VSTS etc.

As of now, I cannot see this option in UI Path.Could someone suggest me if this option is already available in UI Path .

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Hi @aravind.r ,

To answer the question, there isn’t such a mechanism where you can directly call UiPath workflows in CI software.
But to elaborate, UiPath is another process automation software where we just are transforming Front office and back office tasks to process and driving them, where as CI tools deliver IT delivery through integration, like auto build and auto deploy packages based on the plugins. If you still would like to use Jenkins to run UiPath workflows, you can create a batch files calling the xaml using UiRobot and then integrate in Jenkins. This way each time a new build is made, that can be called through UiRobot to extract the .nupkg into xaml and run automatically through Jenkins.
Documentation on running UiPath xaml with robot can be found below