Running 2 processes with different email accounts

i want to know if i can run 2 processes in the same pc, but the processes have different orchestrator account, so even assistant should be logged in in only one of the accounts.
so lets say i already have process 1 running daily in the vm using email1 (logged in assistant). now i have process2 with email2, which i have created time triggers in orchestrator, i assigned the robot and the machine it will be run. Will my process2 run when the time comes?
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is it the same orchestrator both users are connected to?

and did you connect the robot using machine key? if connected using user it wont be running…you need to use machine key or client id


2 different orchestrators, i connected the machine credentials and actually i just run the second process from orchestrator in my local pc and it started running in the vm. so it works. Thanks for your answer!

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