Can we automate multiple processes simultaneously in different account of same machine?


I have a 2019 server, which is having multiple users (e.g., X and Y)
Now X has logged in to the server and signed in with assistant → showing connected and licensed
Simultaneously Y has logged in to the sert and signed in with assistant → showing connected and licensed

So would it work if I start execute the different processes at the same time in both the different account with same machine?
Would it work or any session issues will occur? Or any notifications like, machine is busy or something?

Kindly help.


Hi @hemal,

You can define two different agents on Orchestrator. However, you need to be careful not to affect the other user while developing.

For example, there are options like the following in the kill process, if you make them all users, it will affect other users as well.



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Yes two separate users can run attended automations on the same server at the same time.

Attended or unattended both will work right?

Thanks a lot. Other than this we can trigger different processes in parallel right?

Yes, either works fine.

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