Run Visual Studio .sln file using UIPath

Hi, I need help on how can I run the visual studio .sln file format using the UiPath.
I want to schedule the robot to run the file every 5 minutes.

Can anyone help to advise on this ?


Check this for schedule

Cron Expression to schedule jobs


What exactly do you mean? Do you want to run the visual studio using uipath automatically and set some schedule using orchetrator ? @NAJAA_BAZILAH

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You have some component which you have created in .Net using visual studio and if you need to run those with UiPath, then try to convert the .net component as a custom component and integrate with UiPath.

Then you can schedule the UiPath process for every 5 minutes in orchestrator.

.sln is a visual studio solution file which you can run by opening visual studio through uipath . Or if you have VB code in the .sln file (Not MVC file or any other except Windows form Application), you can copy that code to uipath and run it directly. Or, if it has some requirement like doing only a piece of work, you can create a dll file and upload it to uipath packages.

As fas as I know, above things will work for sure. But, if you check your windows task scheduler, you can schedule visual studio files as well in that. Have you tried that?

where can I copy and paste the code ? Is it using the invoke code activity ?

I have a visual studio code that need to be run. And yes I want to set the scheduling using orchestrator which will run the code automatically according to the scheduling time.

We have Invoke Code activities which is available in the uipath @NAJAA_BAZILAH, If you have any inherited classes or function calling, this won’t work. If you have code, then it will work

There’s away if you want to invoke your codes in the uipath .
What am i thinking rightnow is you want to create program in visual studio and create an exefile for it and the robot will trigger for you.

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