Run unattended robots no works

Hi everyone,

We have recently installed Orchestrator. But we have problems running the unattended processes.

We have verified that the code works well, however when we use Orchestrator it doesn’t work. “Selector not found”

I have been looking for the solution during four days, changing code and still falling at the same lines.

I don’t understand why it works manually but not with Orchestrator.


Hi @mromerf,
As I see your workflow is using selectors and some GUI related things. Unattended process is the process where everything is running in the background (no gui). So if you need to click selectors etc. it will just not work as it can’t click something where gui is not visible. Try to change process to attended and check if it works.

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Hi @mromerf

Were you able to fix the problem? Did @Pablito’s method work for you?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando and @Pablito

I solved the problem.

It should indicate the resolution implementing the robot configuration



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