Getting errors in unattended but not in attended

Hey everyone,

Recently some of my processes are getting errors working as unattended, all of them are “couldnt find the corresponding selector…” but the selectors are well made and stable. When I run these processes as attended (My processses are run on VM triggered from orchestrator) they work prefectly.

Any idea?

What is happening on the VM when it tries this? If something else is popping up - for example, the Chrome “do you want to save this password” box - it can get in the way of identifying UI elements. Your automation should be set up to send you a screenshot if there’s an error, so you can see what’s happening.

There is no pop-up, I do get screenshots when an Error accurs, and there is nothing problematic that I see.

You will probably have to experiment with the selector settings - simulate, send window keys, etc.

Is the automation using a browser/web page, or an installed app?

sorry for late response, SAP frontend is the program im using