Run a Normal Process and a Background Process at same time

Hi, I have a big normal process and small background process. My big process(data entering a system) run all day and my background process(only download mail attachments) must run once an hour. They run together on my studio computer but not run on unattended robot. on orchestrator background process seem pending. Why is it not running ? Please help!

Are you running both in Community both using Unattended robot? If that is the case you have only 1 Unattended Bot License. When the Robot is running one process, the other process must wait for the first process to end.

If you’re running one process all the time, the second process will wait forever .

Instead you can try running the two processes with schedules. Trigger first process on a schedule. After 30 minutes, trigger the second one.

No I have license for studio and unattended robot. My first process is running all day but once an hour my second process(only save mail attachments) must run. I have to download the attachment of the incoming mail within 1 hour. The mail comes sometimes, sometimes doesn’t so I don’t want to stop my first process for this. What can I do?

Yes, but is you Studio and Big Process connected to the same Robot?

No, They are different. I want to run foreground and background process at the same time on Unattended robot. is it possible?

Maybe you should post screen shots of your set up here if possible.

Attended Automation → According to this type of license, an Attended Robot can concurrently execute one foreground process (with UI interaction) and multiple background processes (without UI interaction).

Unattended Automation → When using Unattended Robots to run multiple Processes at the same time, Each Running Process consumes a separate license.

Please refer

I need Attended Robot. Right?

Yes, try with Attended Robot.