Run Background process from Orchestartor ! Unattended

Hello Everyone,

I have 5 Background process which wanted to run on 1 Prod VM, but each time i run it from orchestrator it put the job in “pending state” and wait for 1st process to finish the job.
If i run it from Uipath assistance Trey it can run all 5 process same time same machine with no issue.

Could someone here please advice me some work around so i can run background process from orchestrator direct at same time same machine.

Thank you

Hi @daljit_parmar

I think to get that work you will want an unattended robot via a Modern folder and with more than 1 runtime assigned. This should allow you to run multiple background processes.

@loginerror thank you ans me bavk. could you please explain it bit in details please how should i do “multi assign”

You will want to edit your Machine template in Orchestrator to have more unattended runtimes:

See here:

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@loginerror Thank you for reply.

Yes your solution is perfect, i search and found i have setup VM as High Density Robots and do the setting on window server which will allow me run multiple process same time on same VM.


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