Run the UI Path Robot in Virual windows machine through remote connetion but remote connection is minized and not maximized


I have a below scenario.Can any one tell me, how UIPath robot will perform in this scenario.

Scenario :

I want to run UIPath robot in Virtual windows machine. I am conencting to this virtua machine through remote connection from my local machine. After connecting this virtual machine through remote connection, i am minimizing the screen of the remote connection and let the UIPath unattended.

I want to know whether UIPath robot will be able to work with the UI elements on the screen and able to work in exactly same manner as it would have been when it was maximized?

If yes, then how we can do that with UIPath Studio? Is there any setting required to do that? Would there be any performance issue in this case?

Thanks and Regards,

Nope. As your doing inside VDI UiPath uses Image based automation so presence of Image (UiElement inside virtual machine) must be there on the target window to perform the action.

what would be the solution to this problem if it needs to be implmented?