Run process with PC locked


I’ve been searching for the past couple of days but couldnt reach a concrete answer. I’m trying to run my process when my windows session is locked. The process basically is entering a website, clicking stuff, edit fields, image recognition, etc…
Am i able to run all this when the pc is locked or i have to have an active session (logged in) in order for the process to be successful??

Hope im asking the right question!
Thank you.

In case there is in issue with locked running, you can try Invoke workflow interactive as a solution

Refer this link , you will find the solution.
Link :

Hi! Thanks for the answer!!

I forgot to add a detail. Will this work if the process is to run in a Virtual Machine??
Doesnt my main session (the pc where the VM is) need to be unlocked??


From what i gather this unlocks the session when the process is running. I’d like it to continue locked. Also this process is in a VM, would it work if my main session gets locked?

If you are using VM, you can opt for back-office run.
It will not not require you to login to that VM or not dependent on PC is locked or unlocked.

no, workflow interactive should run on VM. In case you face any issue just close your remote VM connection properly and it should be fine